Throttler controllers, Do they work & how they work & benefits

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– Quote from Graham Cahill (4WD 24/7 Presenter, Outback Warrior).

Some people are sceptical on how much it could improve your driving input?,…. some say I already have my vehicle tuned, why do I need the throttle controller?…. Others think you can just put your foot down faster it will do the same thing(LOL)… We always say.. “Just try one out, You will Love It, money back guaranteed ” !!

Or if you want quick read on what are throttle controllers do,…… scroll down (LOL)


It’s a simple “Plug & Play” module to reduce the factory throttle ‘Lag”, easy to install, D.I.Y.

and totally adjustable.

Custom tune your throttle response to suit any driving style, terrain or situation, whether you’re on the highway or off the beaten track.

Our Throttle Controllers provide new points of reference for your vehicle’s throttle mapping, modifying the torque request sent to the throttle tables in your vehicle’s Engine Control Unit (ECU). As a result, your throttle response can be adjusted for an enhanced or subdued feel, ultimately relieving throttle lag and allowing for complete adaptability in any situation.

Feel the power and unleash the full potential of your vehicle with our Throttle Controller range.


What if you could improve pedal response and unleash the power that already lurks within your standard engine?

While other methods of modifying your vehicle performance can be expensive, throttle controllers provide a cost-effective solution to improving performance.

Our throttle controllers are the perfect performance modification for the at-home DIY mechanic. Able to be installed in as little as 10 minutes, they are capable of transforming your vehicle at the push of a button.

“These BAD BOYS make a WORLD of difference.”

– Quote from Graham Cahill (4WD 24/7 Presenter, Outback Warrior)

How easy are Throttle Controllers to install?

Our Throttle Controller range is very easy to install!

They are developed as a plug & play product, requiring no tools or modifications and takes no longer than 15 minutes to install.

With plugs designed to suit OEM specifications, it’s as simple as unplugging the throttle pedal’s plug, securing the controller into the pedal, and then clipping the factory plug back into the top of the controller.

Once the controller is fitted, all that’s left is to find a location on your dash to place the driver interface!

*We suggest positioning the screen so that the brightness of the LED display does not distract the driver.*

Are Throttle Controllers safe to use?

Yes! Our Throttle Controllers are 100% safe to use.

As part of development, we test the controllers to ensure they do not override or impede any vehicle safety features. Each controller is also then subject to a quality control test before packaging.

Controllers developed for newly released vehicles are also stringently tested before their release to ensure optimal performance & compatibility.

Once that’s all said and done, we further support our Throttle Controllers by backing them with a lifetime replacement warranty & 30-day money-back guarantee. So you have confidence & peace of mind in your purchase.

Can Throttle Controllers be used with other performance products?

Absolutely! In fact, our Throttle Controllers are a great compliment to many aftermarket performance modifications.

Performance mods such as ECU Tune, Dyno Tune, ECU Remap, Power Chip or ECU Reflash focus on many parameters outside your throttle pedal response. Parameters like fuel injection, ignition timing, boost pressure, etc. And, while some tuners also include pedal mapping in their services, it is also often non-adjustable.

The true benefit of our Throttle Controllers lies in their adjustability. Their adjustability lets you better control the influence & effectiveness of your other performance modifications.

A perfect example of this is if your Tune/Chip/Remap may be too aggressive, like driving off-road or in wet conditions. With a Throttle Controller installed, now you can subdue your throttle response and have far more control over the power to your wheels.

Alternatively, if you have the power but suffer from lag or means to access your optimal power range, the controller can enhance your throttle response!

Are Throttle Controllers good for towing?

“The difference it makes in Towing is absolutely unbelievable.”

– Quote from Shaun Whale (4WD 24/7 Presenter & Offroad Legend)

Towing benefits greatly from our Throttle Controllers, offering the ideal throttle response for just about any Towing situation.

Enhancing your throttle response helps to alleviate low down lag & drag, improving your take off. With a setting like Ultimate Mode, you’ll be able to speed more quickly & efficiently – improving the overall driveability of your vehicle whilst towing.

Likewise, subduing your throttle response in Eco Mode conveniently affords you far more control of your throttle, great for low-speed towing manoeuvres where you don’t want to jerk or jar the throttle – potentially overcorrecting yourself.

Why can’t I just push my pedal harder?

Your factory pedal has set parameters or bounds. These parameters can’t be overridden by physical input, i.e. pushing your foot harder, faster or further.

It doesn’t matter how fast or far you push your pedal – the factory parameters will deliver the throttle response previously defined. The only way to alter the response is to electronically override it with new throttle parameters, achieved by fitting one of our Throttle Controllers.

With a controller in Ultimate Mode, you can introduce an enhanced throttle curve, modifying the torque request sent through to the throttle tables in the ECU. This request then actuates the throttle faster, so you can get to wide open throttle at a faster rate.

While our Throttle Controllers don’t add top-end horsepower, it does improve acceleration ramp up power, the amount of accessible power when you plant your foot at either a stopped or rolling take-off.